How To Keep Ticks Away From Properties In Northwest Arkansas

When you go to a buffet, how much food can you eat? Do you nurse one plate for an hour and walk out full, or are you able to go through a pile of plates before realizing you should have probably stopped five chicken wings ago? Some people prefer to take their time when eating and can consume food slowly for hours without becoming full. This is very similar to how ticks feed. If you didn’t know, fully grown ticks can feed for up to ten days straight before detaching from their victim and falling to the ground! That is a disturbing thought, to stay the least. To help you avoid being fed on by these pests, here are some ways to keep ticks off of your Northwest Arkansas property. 

Keep Your Grass Cut Short

Ticks love hiding in tall grass. In fact, they regularly use tall stalks of grass to get onto their hosts. To reduce your chances of having ticks get onto you on your property, trim your grass regularly on a low setting. Do this more frequently during times of heavy rain when lawns grow faster. 

Remove Thick Undergrowth

When ticks are not hiding inside tall grass, they look for other cluttered and dense areas to hide. If you have wooded areas around your property, ticks could be hiding inside the thick undergrowth that builds up on the ground. We recommend thoroughly cleaning brush, leaves, sticks, and other similar debris from around these locations. This will reduce hiding spots for ticks and in turn limit their ability to cause trouble around your property. 

Trim Hedges And Other Greenery

Another place ticks love to hide is inside hedges and other greenery. To discourage these pests from sheltering in these areas, keep them well-trimmed. This will allow airflow and sunlight to keep things dry and unfavorable for dangerous ticks.

Seal Your Home’s Exterior Foundation

One way ticks get into homes is on the backs of rodents like mice and rats. To keep these furry pests from finding their way indoors, here are a few helpful exclusion tips to use around your home and property.

  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation, using a caulking gun and some steel wool.
  • Address damage to your window/door screens.
  • Make sure your siding, roofline, and shingles are in good condition.
  • Make sure your chimney has rodent-proof caps.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed when not in use.
  • Talk you your veterinarian about flea and tick control options for your pets.

Install A Fence Around Your Yard And Garden

Ticks regularly come onto properties riding on wildlife such as raccoons, voles, gophers, and squirrels. To keep these larger pests off your property, we recommend installing fencing around your yard and garden areas. For pests like voles and gophers that tunnel under lawns, we recommend using fencing that extends at least one foot below the surface of the ground.

Call A Professional

There are many ways to deter ticks from your property but only one solution to keep these pests at bay. That solution involves getting a professional involved. At Rumble Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive treatments designed to eliminate ticks as they wander onto your property. Using our advanced treatments and industry-leading products we will get your Northwest Arkansas property everything it needs to keep these dangerous arachnids away. 

Call us today to discuss your options for tick control. One of our friendly service representatives will walk you through our comprehensive services and help you find one that best fits your budget and home’s individual needs. 

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